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Welcome to the Kepner-Tregoe Store
Welcome to the Kepner-Tregoe Store

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KT is more than a product or idea, it is a structured approach to
critical thinking that allows people to see problems and
opportunities clearly.

Project Manager

The process enables people to find solutions and encourages them to seek
continuous improvement. The more we use it, the more success we have
with it, and the more value we create.

Senior Production Specialist

Service requests now pass from one engineer to another with maximum
efficiency, and the engineers have a systematic process to crack even
the toughest problems.

Customer Support Leader

I used to be afraid to be assigned a root cause evaluation, but not
anymore. I know that I just need to follow a systematic process and
get the right people involved.

Maintenance Supervisor

In today's business climate, the KT ideas are invaluable in letting me
panic in a logical, organized fashion!

New Business Development Director

This was perhaps the best training that we’ve ever had. We are focused
on how to use the KT process in our daily work lives... and how to
use it to develop others. Thanks...for providing training that is
truly helpful to us.

Automotive Manager

Keeping the program and project objectives visible and applying Potential
Problem Analysis and Decision Analysis, we were able to ensure that
the disruptions were kept to a minimum.

Resident Engineer

I really enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone that hasn't
taken it yet. I think the virtual session was just as rewarding as an
in-person class.

Virtual RCA Workshop Participant

I really enjoyed the workshop!  I am planning to go back over
everything because I really see how I can apply this to my everyday
decision making.

Virtual Problem Management Workshop Participant

Initially I went in with all the ‘engineerish’ skepticism. But it taught me
how to ask the right questions to understand and solve problems.

Workshop Participant

Differentiating between the problem-solving techniques for specific problems. I knew
about the techniques but not when to apply a particular technique.
Very good introductory course.

Problem Solving Basics eLearning

It was an effective initial exposure to problem solving. The different
tools and methodologies were presented simply and repeated to gain
familiarity. As my entry level course, I found this course to be
helpful and the knowledge achievable.

Problem Solving Basics eLearning

I liked the example of Wayne throughout the whole course in order to
understand how each step could be applied to a real-life example.

SA eLearning

I liked the structure of the online course. There were at least three
different ways to understand the content. If one explanation did not
make sense, there was another example to click on.

SA eLearning

Focus on the IS/IS NOT, which I would like everybody in the organization to
clearly understand and be familiar with its use and potential.

PA eLearning

Step-by-step learning approach. Very logical, easy to go back and identify where I
needed more clarification.

PA eLearning

This course is created with theory and practice. Providing theory first,
followed by practice helped my understanding, especially with the
concrete example of application software choice.

DA eLearning

The level of detail and specificity is very helpful, along with the
admonishment to use the process "like salt," which is a
helpful reminder that just because we know how to perform a process
with great detail does NOT mean we must apply that level of detail to
every situation.

DA eLearning

I really liked the examples that take you through the whole unit in
order to see how a real-life problem could be solved and how to do it
in each step of every milestone.

PPA eLearning

The user-friendly, crisp and fun animations. Clear message, nicely
structured. Functionality: I can read the script as I listen, check
where in the process I am using the 'menu' function. Liked the test.

PPA eLearning

Course Achievement

Earn certificates, workshop badges, and continuing education credits